Innovation alive and well at Demo | CNET

Innovation alive and well at Demo | CNET “Among the most impressive products was KeyComputing’s Xkey, a USB-based device that turns any PC into a Microsoft Exchange client. Instead of carrying a laptop around, you could plug an Xkey into a home computer or a branch office and have a secure replica of your Outlook application. The Xkey is insulated from the client system, and has its own processor, database, applications server, Exchange client, security, storage, and SSL VPN. It’s expected to ship in May for $300, with 256MB of flash storage. ”

While all the bloggers are busy blogging about new blog tech (imagine that), there seem to be a number of other cool developments at this year’s Demo. (Boy do I ever want to go to one of these shows.)

The xKey sounds very cool (I wish I knew what it looked like). I can imagine a variety of turnkey applications that I’d love to have keyring sized access to.

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