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Silicon Valley – Dan Gillmor’s eJournal: “Do Not Call List Wins in Appeals Court

AP: Appeals court upholds do not call list. ‘As a general rule, the First Amendment does not require that the government regulate all aspects of a problem before it can make progress on any front,’ the appeals court said. The court also said there was no evidence suggesting charitable or political callers were as troublesome as general telemarketing calls.

Maybe, but the law still seems to unfairly give political and charitable junk calls a leg up. Make all telemarketing opt-in, not just some of it.

Meanwhile, the current law is rife with exceptions, and telemarketers are looking for ways to exploit the loopholes. In the end, Congress will have to revisit this law — and make it a bit more bulletproof.”

It’s interesting that so little seems to be written on the alternatives that businesses will undertake in order to continue to satisfy their customer acqusition needs.

Personally and high level, I suspect we’ll see more self-service web interfaces, more SPAM and more search engine marketing as a result.

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