Aggregated news search surpasses branded news in 2004

The Daily Rundown – Interview with James Pitkow (Full Version)

The Daily Rundown does an Interview with James Pitkow, CEO of Moreover Technologies. (I recently mentioned Moreover in reference to a posting on John Battelle’s blog on RSS Blender.)

Of particular interest is one comment from James:

“The future for real-time news only gets brighter and brighter each year, especially for aggregated news. 2004 marks the first year that an aggregated news source, Yahoo News in this case, has repeatedly been the top online news source, beating out the super strong CNN brand.”

Of course, as a consumer, I know that aggregation gives me convenience. But do you think the head of CNN is happy about this? Probably not. As I wrote in reply to a TechDirt article on Japanese newspapers blogging Google aggregation, the big media Co’s haven’t quite figured out how to handle a world where they’re brand is subsumed by an aggregator’s brand… and certainly haven’t designed their online sites (i.e., usage flows) to optimize search and aggregator traffic.

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