NYTimes: AOL Expands Shopping Features

The New York Times > Technology > E-Commerce Report: AOL Expands Shopping Features

Quick summary:

– AOL is reinvigorated

– They are relaunching their online shopping effort

– It will include comparison shopping functionality

– It will be priced via CPC vs CPM

– It will be open to the web vs. behind the AOL Client “iron curtain”

As I mentioned previously, I went out and met several of the senior execs on AOL’s search team in August, and was highly impressed with the caliber of talent they represented. There was a clear and palpable buzz in the air; to say that they were reinvigorated might be an understatement. To all those folks, I offer my congrats on this launch!

And while all this online shopping stuff is great, I’m surprised that the NYTimes didn’t question AOL about their plans for “online to offline” or “local search shopping” services. It seems like an obvious next step for a company like TimeWarner, who has so many print advertising clients… especially in light of today’s IAC news on their local search shopping moves.

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