BuzzMachine: Ad Age: Don’t advertise on blogs

BuzzMachine… by Jeff Jarvis

Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis reacts to Ad Age’s advice w.r.t. to bloggers:

“DON’T throw money at bloggers. These influencers will not respond to outright, traditional ad placements.”

I understand Jeff’s points… but there have been plenty of big old media stories about the “grass roots” and “community” nature of blogs, and the resistance of bloggers to spread the word for “old media” businesses (music/MP3 distribution comes to mind immediately).

Old media is trying to find its way with blogs and bloggers; it’s not unexpected that there will be mistakes along the way. It could be worse; Ad Age could be recommending tips on how to decieve and exploit bloggers for your or your company’s personal gain. 😉

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