Danny Sullivan a sellout? NO!

Steve Rubel on Danny Sullivan on the Yahoo Search Blog (Jeremy Zawodny’s blog)

Jeremy Zawodny backs up Danny Sullivan (of Search Watch fame) when Steve Rubel asks (i.e., doesn’t accuse) whether Danny’s integrity can remain intact after Danny guest blogs on the Yahoo! Search Blog.

My $0.02:

Yahoo could, and should — and I apologize in advance if they already have and I missed it — clearly state its policy on renumeration, etc for its blog authors and guest authors.

While bias is a separate issue (and I too believe Danny is enough of a pro not to be questioned), knowing that guest bloggers like Danny are not compensated in any way, shape or form (and that a Yahoo! employee would be terminated for doing so) would go a long way to quiet the critics.

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One comment on “Danny Sullivan a sellout? NO!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Tony. I’ve updated the blog intro to reflect the fact that we do not compensate our guest bloggers in any form.

    Yahoo! Search