Netflix, Warner Bros. test VOD… Verizon to follow?

CNET’s reports that Warner Brothers has been gracious enough to allow Netflix to test VOD with would-be-partner Tivo. I’ve previously written about the Netflix/Tivo combo (Netflix can do better), including a likely end game scenario (VOD is a commodity, leaving Netflix without a clear competitive advantage).

But hey, at least they’re a step ahead of Blockbuster, right?

In possibly related news (let’s see if we can’t lazyweb a rumor here…), TechDirt writes that Verizon is launching their “3G EV-DO” service (great naming job guys), a broadband wireless service.

The connection? Only a week ago, The Digital Media Jobs Blog had a Verizon listing for a Manager – Video Content Strategy & Acquisition position with the following description:

“As Manager of Video Content Strategy & Acquisition you will be responsible for the following responsibilities: Assist in the development, execution and implementation of the Video on Demand and pay-per-view content strategy. Identify and evaluate VOD and PPV content opportunities”

Hmm… so can we add Wireless Companies to Netflix’s list of competitors (which already includes Cable Cos, Satellite Cos, Software Cos, and video rental industry competitors)? Ugh!

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