RSS Digest, Insert Feeds On Your Page… WOW

Search Engine Watch Blog had a post on RSS Digest, service that allows you to insert nicely formatted headlines from a blog feed into ANY HTML page… without writing a line of code! (SEW Blog mentions that there are actually a handful of these solutions out there.)

This is exactly what I was looking for the other day (and what Google/Blogger couldn’t make happen natively).

Unfortunately, RSS Digest doesn’t support Atom yet (but they say it’s on the way)… of course, that too is solvable; just pop my atom feed into FeedBurner, pass the FeedBurner RSS 2.0 feed to RSS Digest, and voila, problem solved. (It is a bit pokey, but I’m sure I can fix that with some settings.)

I’m working on the third design of my site & blog and plan to incorporate my blog headlines on my new home page… I’ll post when it’s all up and running…

Beyond my needs, the broader implications are pretty interesting… with a little effort, I can essentially create the equivalent of the My Yahoo Beta RSS Reader mentioned earlier this week by Hacking Netflix…

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