T-Mobile’s Music Smartphone won’t kill the iPod

Gizmodo : T-Mobile’s SDA Music Smartphone

Gizmodo reviews the new T-Mobile SDA Music Smartphone, praising its SD card slot and built-in music control buttons, and commenting:

“Phones aren’t going to kill the iPod quite yet, but with a couple gig SD card and a decent interface, there’s no reason they shouldn’t kill flash players. ”

I bought an iPod Mini a couple of weeks back (and intend to block on it this weekend), and have previously written about the death of the iPod (and frankly, all single function devices) at the hands of cell phones…

I’ll leave it there for tonight; I want Mini in my life a few more days before I cast my verdict…

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One comment on “T-Mobile’s Music Smartphone won’t kill the iPod
  1. Anonymous says:

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