Flash Podcasting

Deeje Cooley emailed me a link to a Warton b-school interview with Macromedia CEO Rod Burgess**, baiting me to post on Rob’s comments on PointCast.

I’ll pass on that 😉 but say this instead. All of this talk about Flash has me wishing the iPod rumors were about the Flash application, not the media format.

After all, Flash would be a nice container app for playing back still images (photos), and could even be time synched against a (music) play list and a flash photo or PowerPoint presentation in the future.

Why, if Battelle would release the audio for Web 2.0, we could synch it with the recently released Web 2.0 PowerPoint decks (I love that Craig Newmark used a HTML page), and make it the first Flash Podcast’ed Technology Conference. 😉 How sexy is that?

I’m definitely glad I bought my iPod Mini, and Podcasting makes it that much sweeter… but I’m ready to move beyond a single-sensory playback device. Wifi+VOIP for phone, QuickTime for video… ahh, too bad the iPod Gen 5 rumors are… false.

** Link from the Warton feed version of the article seems to let me through the reg curtain without authenticating… (

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