Treo 650 + Exchange = Trouble for RIM, Good Technology

Gizmodo breaks the news that the “Treo 650 Will Work Seamlessly With Exchange” via Microsoft’s ActiveSync interface to Exchange.

PalmOne dancing with the devil? I’ll leave it to you to mull over those implications.

As for me, well… a good friend of mine, Lev Brouk (aka Lev Belov) is working for Danny Shader’s firm Good Technology. He was kind enough to get me an invite to come in and talk to some of the folks there over the summer.

While the people all seemed bright and capable, listening to their experience to date, and their plans for the future, I just couldn’t help but feel that they were running headlong into a brick wall. Yes, they’ll have some short term success while Microsoft gets its act together, but ultimately, even beyond ActiveSynch, I just can’t imagine how PCDevice synchronization isn’t critical for any number of MSFT ambitions, from cell phones, to iPod clones, to PDAs, to portable video players, to… well, you get the idea.

I don’t know enough about Longhorn to know for sure, but I’d be pretty surprised if it didn’t ship with something akin to Apple’s iSync built-in.

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