10×10: Information Visualization for News.. Ideas abound..

In his post entitled 10×10 View of the News, Micro Persuasion author Steve Rubel points out a very cool new web site built on top of RSS feeds of International news sources, named 10×10.

Rather than integrating it with Google News, I’d say build it on top of a Feedster.com-like service. Not only could 10×10 do what they’re doing with thousands of big media news sources (ala Rubel’s comments about integrating with Google News), they could also analyze sentiment (in a local search friendly way!) by analyzing blog meta data.

It’s a shame that the Newspaper industry doesn’t culturally embrace the very medium that will define its future. If they did, they’d have some R&D propeller heads (and biz folks) working on this kind of stuff.

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