Technology, Youth Ascendant at Knight Ridder

(Full disclosure: I have a whopping $2K in KR stock left from my time there… so if you think that might influence my opinion, you’ve been warned up front!)

Knight Ridder announces that Hilary Schneider (43), will move from her role as President of KR’s online division (Knight Ridder Digital – KRD) to co-VP of the Newspaper division (at Corporate).

This is great news for Knight Ridder (and perhaps, for the entire Newspaper industry).

My time with Hilary showed her to be an insightful, analytical and polished leader (with a loyal following). Her youth and energy alone should prove valuable to KR in her new role… but it is her willingness to use (if not embrace) technology that is most critical; it’s a great sign that the VP of Technology will joint report to her and CEO Tony Ridder.

The gossipy side of me wonders who will fill her role over at KRD. My bet would be heir-appearant Anna Zornosa, but Tracy Martin and others might make a run at it as well. Either way, KRD will be a different place a few months from now.

Tip of the hat to M.B. for the heads-up.

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