drops Vibrant Media from editorial content

According to this article from AdWeek, Forbes has decided to stop using Vibrant Media’s “contextual keyword advertising technology” (known as IntelliTXT) in their editorial content, due to objections from their Editorial staff… but will keep using the technology in their non-editorial content.


I don’t fault Forbes for “experimenting” (a nice, face-saving term), and I don’t having anything specifically against Vibrant Media or IntelliTXT, but IMHO, the last thing I want as a reader (or as an author) is to have ads embedded (even ‘just’ as a link) in the article I’m reading. It’s like product-placement gone bad.

Interestingly, I don’t feel the same way about affiliate links; at least there, the author is trying to provide me with value by giving me a time-saving link directly to what s/he’s talking about. VM links don’t create the same value in my mind.

As an aside, Vibrant approached Knight Ridder Digital during my tenure there. Let’s just say that during my evaluation, KRD’s head of editorial was… less than enthusiastic… about the concept.

Hat tip to CC for taking the time to gently point out a rather embarrassing typo. One day I’ll learn…

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One comment on “ drops Vibrant Media from editorial content
  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not so much about the links than about the questionable content.
    Vibrant media are thieves, nothing more, nothing less. They stole the technology and continues to steal content.
    I know, I have worked there and continues to have access to their systems on a daily basis.
    Good for you for getting out Forbes!