My email to Sony’s CEO about Jason Kottke

(Note: Howard’s email address is bouncing… I’ll update this when I can get my hands on a live address. Update: Fixed)


SUBJ: Please stop your harassment of Jason Kottke

Howard, Ann –

In your roles, you may or may not be familiar with (let alone be daily readers of) online grassroots journalism (aka, blogging).

As such, you may not know that there are now thousands of bloggers (who reach millions of readers) writing about their outrage over how Sony TV is handling a ‘fair use’ issue with long-time blogger Jason Kottke.

Here’s my very brief post on the subject:

Here’s a call for a boycott (yes, I know, you see these all the time) from Jason Calacanis, a former Sony employee, whose blog network reaches 1MM+ readers:

If you (or your staff) are familiar with RSS/Feeds (i.e., you know what a Feed aggregator is), here’s a Feed URL aggregating dozens of comments:

I strongly encourage you to reach out to the community before a simmering issue turns into a boil.

If I can be of any assistance, I welcome you to contact me (info below).

Kind regards,

Tony Gentile

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5 comments on “My email to Sony’s CEO about Jason Kottke
  1. Tony Gentile says:

    Alan, a very thoughtful letter. Thanks for stopping by.

    For anyone else who has thoughts on this topic, please feel free to drop links to your sites as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the Sony cares about your F’in BLOG.

  3. Tony Gentile says:

    Agreed my friend, they probably don’t care (most especially about /my/ blog).

    But, on the odd chance that they do care, I feel better for having voiced my thoughts… just as you just did here. 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sony is one of worst companies I have encountered.

    I purchased a brand new 80GB Playstation 3 system.
    On the day I received it, the system completely crashes after less than 10 minutes of use.

    Sony then made me send them the defective product back to them, but after waiting for over a month, they send me back a refurbished system.

    I wrote a 2 page formal complaint letter to Sony and they completely ignore it.

    I will never buy another Sony product again.