Consulting Testimonial from Feedster

The “blog-related” company that I obtusely disclaimed back in November was (drum roll please)… Feedster.

The gig went well… I was able to confirm many of my notions about the future impact of RSS while helping a smart group of folks move their business forward. Feedster was also happy with our work together, and was kind enough to provide the following testimonial:

“As RSS and Feedster quickly grow up together, it’s critical that we start offering developer and user solutions that can be tied to e-commerce and affiliate programs.

Feedster engaged Tony Gentile to develop a strategic marketing plan and define market entry options ahead of the launch of, our employment listings platform for developers and users. Against an aggressive deadline, Tony provided us with detailed and insightful analysis and advice, making it clear on which business, product and partnering strategies we need to execute.

Tony’s high work quality, focus on collaboration, and strong commitment to client satisfaction makes it easy for me to recommend him to technology businesses seeking critical support with go-to-market challenges and similar strategic projects.

Scott Rafer


Feedster, Inc. ”

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