Butler: Backlash To Google’s AutoLink Marches Forward

Google seems to be under the false impression that it decides what ‘Do No Evil’ means.

As it turns out, we do.

First, Zeldman gave us a way to block Autolink.

Now, witness Butler, a Firefox script (requires greasemonkey) that, amongst other things, removes ads from Google pages and adds links to similar features/services from Google’s competitors.

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3 comments on “Butler: Backlash To Google’s AutoLink Marches Forward
  1. Jeremy Dunck says:

    Hmm. I interpreted Butler not as being a slap for AutoLink but rather as making the point that the User Agent owns the DOM, and as long as scripting control is in the users’ hands, authors needn’t be so up in arms.

    Which is to say, I took Butler as a demonstration that AutoLink isn’t so bad, but Google is reaping what it sows.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Imagine the panic inside Google.

  3. Tony Gentile says:

    Jeremy, that’s as fair as my interpretation (after all, we all see the world through our own filters).

    Anonymous… I detect more than a hint of sarcasm. 😉