SWM Blogger Seeks Same for Loads of Linking!

It’s an amazing thing really. In almost no time, a small handful of women (or is that ‘chicks‘ ?) bloggers have taken a nugget and turned it into a national discussion (garnering a heck of a lot of links along the way).

Will they see the irony? Or will they remain devisive?

Better yet, will any of them start 10 more conversations that are equally as interesting… but without playing the victim card?

I hope so; I’d love to hear more from many of them.

BTW… This isn’t a blow off. Absolutely have the conference. In fact, have it every freaking year until you no longer think it’s necessary. Even better, set-up a tip jar, I’ll pitch in.

But, I suggest you call it…


…and exclude anyone with more than, oh, 100 Bloglines subscribers.

Welcome to the Tail. Escape Velocity from the Tail is a meritocracy, and you’ve now got liftoff.

Update 246PM 3/15:
Elle drops by and leaves a comment. Elle, I tell ya what. I’ll spend an equal amount of time in the Day Care center as you do (provided we can get the liability issue you raised squared away). Whenever you’re ready to join the conference, we’ll both head on up. Equality, not exclusionary… right?

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2 comments on “SWM Blogger Seeks Same for Loads of Linking!
  1. eleanor says:

    Tony, you see what I have to do to attend a conference with more than just a couple chicks? 😉
    Apparently the marketing ability of the group paired with a boring week in Silicon Valley has left us as the weeks’ news.

    Better than tipjar would be staffing the daycare station!

  2. Chad Crabtree says:

    Are most of the expected attendees single mothers? Why not leave the children with the spouse?