Do you read or run a managed feed?

Update: My gratitude to Jeff Clavier, Deeje Cooley, and my most frequent commentor, Anonymous, for their links and answers; immensely helpful. To the rest of you… don’t make me beg… it won’t be pretty. ;-p

I’m currently doing some thinking about so-called Feed Management Services companies(FeedBurner, Pheedo, Moreover, Syndicate IQ, etc), a topic that I have touched on from time to time.

I’m interested in hearing some honest feedback from both readers of managed Feeds and Feed Owners who are using Feed Management Services (FMS).

Looking through my aggregator, I note that I read the following managed Feeds (many more than I thought, and all via FeedBurner):

For the most part, the fact that these Feeds are managed is transparent to me (which I imagine, is by design). The minor exception to this is that many of the Feeds (above) embed a small, persistent image or logo to personalize their Feed; nice, but trivial.

My questions to readers of managed Feeds are:

  • A) Does the fact that a Feed is being managed effect your willingness to subscribe to it?
  • B) Does the fact that a Feed is managed impact your reading experience? If so, how?
  • C) If the Feed Management Service were to go out of business, or if the Feed Owner decided to abandon the service, would you update your aggregator to reflect the new URL?

And, for Feed Owners:

  1. Which FMS service(s) (e.g., measurement, free bandwidth, advertising, etc) motivated you to sign-up?
  2. What FMS services have you added on over time?
  3. How long has your Feed been managed?
  4. What would cause you to abandon the managed Feed approach?
  5. What would cause you to switch to a different FMS provider?
  6. What services do you wish your FMS offered?
  7. What difference has having your Feed managed made to you, from either (or both) an authoring or monetizing perspective?
  8. Anything else you’d care to share!

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this, and would appreciate you leaving a comment (if you care to participate) so that the entire community can benefit from your thoughts. If, for whatever reason, you’d prefer to share your thoughts privately, please email me at: fms !@! buzzhit dot com (no spam version obviously: no exclamation points, one contiguous address, etc).

While I’ve never asked for a link before, if you read this, and don’t mind tossing a link this way, I’d greatly appreciate the support. (NOFOLLOWS are perfect; not looking for juice, just awareness.) Thanks!

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3 comments on “Do you read or run a managed feed?
  1. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely hate managed feeds. The mess up all the URLs, so you lose the most important piece of metadata out there. My link-structure tools won’t work with them. The sites occasionally go down.

    In general, I won’t unsubscribe from a feed if it becomes managed, but I’ll almost never subscribe to a managed feed.

  2. Tony Gentile says:

    My buddy Deeje Cooley answers the survey on his Musings blog (thanks Deeje!):

    One day I’ll grow up and use a blog pub tool that supports track-back.

  3. Jeff Clavier says:

    Yeah, trackbacks would be nice, wouldn’t they :-). My answers here Tony, let me know if you have any questions.

    And I’d love to know why anonymous (???) hates managed feeds because they rewrite URLs, given that tools like Radio Userland or MSN Spaces put out URLs that are meaningless anyway.