Seth Godin Wants Sticky Posts

Seth Goodin writes about creating a “sticky blog post” (my wording) at the top of his newest blog, so that those dropping in on the middle of the conversation can get some context. He advocates that TypePad should support the feature ‘out of the box’.

This is a minor but highly useful feature in most Forum software packages, keeping every new person dropping in from asking the same dozen obvious questions that have been asked a million times over (i.e., FAQs).

I’d love to have the option to have a sticky post at the top of my Feed, especially because my Feed isn’t templated (there’s an obvious FMS feature that someone will build…). Feed Readers could, in kind, give end users the option to turn-off sticky posts at the individual Feed level.

My sticky post would likely have (text and or links to):

1. Who I am
2. What I do
3. What I blog about
4. Financial Interest/Employer/Etc Disclaimers
5. My content licensing stance (copyrighted, creative commons, etc)

Of course, all this could be done as a namespace extension… and many elements of it are profile elements… but a sticky post seems elegant in a Craig Newmark kind of way.

I wonder how loyal ‘chronologicalists’ would feel about such a thing?

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