This Weekend in Advertising…

Lots of interesting buzz this weekend:

Rafat at PaidContent digs through job listings and determines that Yahoo! is hiring with plans of taking paid listings mobile. If you’ve read my bit on thinking about search advertising abstractly, you’re not surprised to hear this.

Greg Linden (Findory) surfaces a NY Times piece on personalized TV ads, and rightly draws a critical distinction that people continually forget; highly relevant advertising is valued by potential customers. (Psst: all those “listings’ on Craigslist… they’re ads!)

Speaking of Craigslist (and classified ads)… Greg Sterling (Kelsey) points out a new service named, that aims to be the “Google of Classifieds”. YAAP — Yet Another Aggregation Play — or something special?

John Battelle calls out the success story of one of his blog’s sponsors… and likely sends him far more traffic with the link than the guy got from the sponsorship (and certainly for less than $2.30 a click).

Last but not least, Feedster’s Scott Rafer [disclosure] is (rightly) bent about a questionable Google AdSense (contextual advertising) ad on his personal blog site. While a moral argument may well be called for (along with an update to the ‘ol relevancy algorithm), you can also always update your AdSense Filter List to block those buggers.

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2 comments on “This Weekend in Advertising…
  1. rafer says:

    I am aware of the Adsense Filter List, and it would work fine to block objectionable domains that I already know about. WiFinder, another small search engine that I am in involved in, uses it all the time to keep competitors off the site. It really doesn’t apply in this case as I had no idea in advance that the offending site even existed and couldn’t have conceived they’d be displayed anyway. I received a couple mails last night from readers who noticed the ad for a couple days and had been upset by it.

  2. Tony Gentile says:

    Not sure how you can say the filter doesn’t apply here. Sure, not having them appear on your site to begin with (the relevancy/appropriateness issue) would be highly preferrable… but there’s no reason for your readers to be “upset” for “a couple days” when the filter will pull down the offending ad in 3 hours.