Factored and Solved

Steve Rubel writes:

“The first group are the mass marketers. This group craves safety, as the Wall Street Journal noted last month. They are skittish about advertising on blogs. As a result, they will gravitate towards teaming with the larger players when it comes to experimenting with the medium. This will include partnering with the platforms – such as MSN Spaces, Yahoo! 360, TypePad and Blogger – as well buying space on the “big three” blog networks, Gawker Media, Weblogs Inc. and Corante.

The second group of blog advertisers are the “mid-market” marketers. These advertisers will will likely feel comfortable purchasing ads on specialized networks like BlogAds.

Finally, the last category – perhaps the largest in number – are the smaller blog advertisers. The majority of these companies will either strike one-off deals with individual bloggers or use Google and Overture to advertise across blogs.”

This is a transitory industry state, and has already been factored and solved for (at least in a first generation kinda way)… this should become clearer within the next week or so…

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One comment on “Factored and Solved
  1. PR Machine says:

    The majority of companies will either do one-shot deals with specific bloggers or use Google and advertise across blogs.