Google Local Search via Cell Phone

Speaking of Searching by Cell Phone (but, alas, not voice driven in this case), SEW reports that Google Local is now available for mobile searching.

Had drinks with a friend this weekend who mentioned that Google was moving aggressively to triple the size of their mobile team (though no mention of its current or planned size). Obviously, they’re as serious about the opportunity as Yahoo appears to be.

But Newspapers needn’t panic, right? Riiight….

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2 comments on “Google Local Search via Cell Phone
  1. Tony says:

    This capability has been here for a while, but in a slightly different form: Google SMS.

    Personally, I find Google SMS easier to use, and usually faster. I haven’t done a comparison of results for Google Local vs. Google SMS, but sounds like something that needs to be done…

  2. Tony Gentile says:

    Tony, if you do such a comparison, please drop me a note; I’d love to point to your findings.