BlogHer Conference Site Launches

The ladies behind the BlogherCon discussion have officially announced their conference, to be called BlogHer. The conference is a one-day event scheduled for July 30th 2005 @ the TechMart in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Registration is $99.06 (or $21.73 for students), with comp’ed tix (for volunteers) and sponsorships available.

In a very clever spin, the organizers have created an offering called “A room of your own“, allowing potential speakers/moderators to take over a room (for a chunk of time) and hold a discussion of a topic of their choosing. An excellent idea (though probably tough to parcel out fairly).

I’ve voluntered to blog a live-session (I’ll be doing my best to channel Ross Mayfield in this effort, the de facto standard… who was appearantly busted this morning for live blogging while on a panel!); if that fails, I’ll see if I can find another way to contribute (and definitely plan to attend).

Update: Lisa Stone (aka Surfette) has accepted my offer to volunteer (thank you!) so I’m confirmed as an attendee and am contributing (in a very modest way). On the latter, I’ll be watching [subscribed] for additional ways of helping out and encourage you to do the same.

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