RUMOR: Google Maps Gets Keyholed Tonight

Well, not nearly as big as the last rumor… but there’s been some buzz about town today that we’re likely to see an update to Google Maps tonight that includes a “Keyhole View” as an alternative to the standard Google Maps view.

I wrote about a number of potential uses for Keyhole when Google announced the acquisition; it looks like some of the obvious stuff is starting to materialize.

I’ll add more if/when I get details… and of course, after the 9PM PT embargo is lifted.

UPDATE: Well, it appears that either the embargo info was wrong, or, they released early. Either way the feature, Google Maps “Satellite View”, is now live. Here’s an example for the White House… Now, imagine this combined with the A9 Search Inside The Store idea I described a few weeks back, Pay-per-Call and Coupons, real time traffic, etc., and you’ve got the foundational pieces for a next generation Local Search solution…

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One comment on “RUMOR: Google Maps Gets Keyholed Tonight
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