Newsgator cages FeedDemon: RSS everywhere

Om Malik breaks the story that Newsgator has acquired FeedDemon in a “cash and stock” deal (I suspect these are modest numbers); FeedDemon developer/CEO Nick Bradbury will join Newsgator as their lead client architect.

Chris Pirillo has an insider interview with both teams; insider is not meant as a pejorative, it just seems clear from the questions (and timing) that this was amongst familiars… all good in my book. Regardless, definitely worth a read.

Dave Winer speculates that a Mac client acquisition, perhaps NetNewsWire, will follow. [Ed: Sure, I suppose, if the price were balanced with the available/addressable market.] He then extends his thoughts to a roll-up vision, stating:

“I imagine that Newsgator will roll up with Feedburner (they share an investor), and Technorati may become part of this deal too. The goal? Get large enough to go public or merge with something going public (SixApart) or get bought by Microsoft.”

Well, that’s an interesting series of comments. FeedBurner could certainly join the growing Newsgator empire, but that would be tying up with the wrong end of the micro-content stack. A more logical move would be backward integration with a publishing platform, or forward integration with a marketplace owner; of course Dave doesn’t care for ads in Feeds, so if you’re a fan of his, chalk his comment up to a clever, low-key dig. 😉 Regardless, unlike other components, FeedBurner is best served by achieving escape velocity as a standalone player providing a network service ala the collapsing Overture model of old.

I’d largely say the same of Technorati, though they clearly are a better fit for the ‘consumption’ end of the stack. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see some of their offerings integrated with Newsgator properties (as perhaps the default, but changeable, provider of various services). Mainly, people need to stop thinking about Technorati as a “search” company and recognize that they’re an analytics shop. If you think about them in those terms, it becomes clearly that they could be providing a variety of services to a variety of players/segments. Rumor has had them repositioning into the enterprise space as well, but take that as the second-hand info it is.

The sleeper here, touched on lightly in Pirillo’s interview, is TopStyle, the client-side authoring environment. Many of us having been looking for such functionality to be integrated with an aggregator for (freaking) years. (At PointCast, we went so far as building our CDF authoring tool using the client shell, though that was a (horribly) rushed effort from the get-go, and our broad CDF support was killed long before we could have dreamed of integrating the two). The question here is if Newsgator decides to go full-stack and marry TopStyle to its own publishing API. Obviously, that would have all sorts of interesting implications.

As usual, my congratulations to all involved.

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5 comments on “Newsgator cages FeedDemon: RSS everywhere
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just fyi, It’s Topstyle, not Topstyler.

  2. Tony Gentile says:

    You Sir (or Madam), are correct. I’ve fixed it (and touched nothing else). Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Technorati is already integrated with NewsGator Technologies’ Smart Feeds feature.

  4. Tony Gentile says:

    Hey Niall, thanks for popping by.

    Yep, as you pointed out, you guys are indeed integrated… but as I mentioned, I’m looking for you guys to integrate with them (and others) beyond search. I’m waiting on the “analytics goodness” I “know” you guys can offer up.

  5. redbarren says:

    Its a marathon not a sprint, and if you have heard the dave winer vs adam curry tiff plus product placement/conference fallout @ syndicate issues that have erupted… well im not going to buy into the whole debate…

    microsoft is a strategic fit, but newsgator has alot of work to go to get an optimal price and provide the optimal solution for a hybrid consumer/enterprise company which is what newsgator is. (its not just another pluck, rojo, wists, blagh reader of which feedburner thinks there are 1800 of currently)

    watch feedtagger – a beta ajax based service from adelaide australia, rock on !

    I think the deal is a line in the sand for upping the ante in the RSS space – It just cant be kewl and another reader… Its about multi channel, comprehensive content (with implicit personalisation which is still the missing link)… bringing the internet you want to you.

    Well done feld/mobius on picking newsgator and feedburner… altho it seems feedster is running miles ahead of technorati (did anyone notice feedster/rafer is hosting the syndicate conference… very well done rafey PRwise after winning the sf CHI search american idol shootout)

    Up the ante newsgator I want to see how competition responds, and remember act local but dominate globally !