XBOX 360: Full Details Revealed

Two months ago I called Xbox 360 an irresistable Trojan horse.

Today, with full details coming to light, I may have undersold it. Wow. Just wow.

If you even remotely touch online, mobile, consumer, etc as part of your business, you need (IMO) to take a look at these XBOX announcements and understand what threats and opportunities it represents for your business.

Kotaku: A full walk-through; hardware, software, peripherals, services, everything.
– Kotaku: Fact Sheet, Specs, Xbox vs. Xbox 360 comparo [all Word docs]

Five minute video of the new unit (work safe), via Scoble
– Michael Gartenberg puts out a ‘first take analysis‘ on Xbox 360; no new thinking here, but he picks up the Trojan Horse meme, “…Xbox 360 is clearly poised as a Trojan horse ready to invade the living rooms of Windows users everywhere …”

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