Just tossing this out into the Ether to avoid/prevent future confusion. (I’ve not been asked to do this by anyone… just realized I should have done it during my consulting days, and certainly when I took a full-time job. Better late than never!)

Last Update

I am employed full time by Healthline Networks Inc.

As of the Last Update date, I have no direct investments in any publicly-held high tech, consumer, media or health related entities.

The opinions expressed on buzzhit! are those of the author, Tony Gentile, and not those of any other entity, including his employer, Healthline Networks Inc. buzzhit! is 100% owned and operated by its author. buzzhit! does not accept payment for content and/or editorial links that appear within the body of blog posts; all advertisements (e.g., Google AdSense ads) are clearly marked as such.

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