Uh, Happy New Year!?

Alright, this is a little embarrassing. 3 months until my fourth year of blogging, and I haven’t written much more than a disclaimer in months.


On a positive note, I’ve dropped 5% body fat and can once again fill out the top of a shirt more completely than the bottom.

So, there’s that.

In my absence I see that Scoble has booted me off his short list, all of you got in a tizzy about “what web 2.0 means” (I was looking forward to some sort of existential enlightenment, but it didn’t get there), things got wacky at wikipedia, Google foolishly didn’t buy Riya, and MacWorld and CES were “really really big”.

Did I miss anything else?

Oh yeah… Happy New Year! I hope it’s a great one for you… it is so far for me!

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