Healthline partners with, OmniMedicalSearch

Please see my Disclaimer [Healthline is my employer], right hand side.

Yet more good news for Healthline… we’ve partnered with to launch, and, OmniMedicalSearch has announced the inclusion of our Health Channels and Doctor-Reviewed articles within their health meta-search results. press release. OmniMedicalSearch press release. has a long history of partnerships; in fact, most of the companies they’ve partnered with have ended up being acquired (hmm… [grin]).

Meanwhile, the folks behind OmniMedicalSearch have done a tremendous job building an organic, loyal base of customers by providing an easy-to-use, filtered set of health search results for patients and doctors.

These two companies join Merck, PacifiCare, Dartmouth Hitchcock and other Healthline licensees; I doubt they’ll be the last. 😉

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