Ask Jeeves Taps to Deliver Local News

Search Engine News :: Search Engine Lowdown: Ask Jeeves Taps to Deliver Local News

Search Engine Lowdown reports that Ask Jeeves is now delivering Local News thanks to a relationship with

Two thoughts here:

1. Topix has a substantially larger relationship to announce, most likely on the scale of MSN’s relationship with Moreover to power MSNBot (which, while public, apparently isn’t widely known).

2. At this point, pretty much anyone who’s anyone has a destination news aggregation site… except for the newspapers themselves! Most of them are still trying to figure out what if anything they should do with RSS. Of course, with aggregated news surpassing big brand destination sites, one would expect that to change soon… syndicates, like Knight Ridder run RealCities already have the relationships; why not expose the content in a way that consumers clearly want?

That’s right. It doesn’t fit with their business model….

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