buzhit!’s tail clipped; here’s to tarrantit.com

Lucky me, Google was apparantly in the middle of a ‘dance’ when I changed blog hosting plans. As a result, I went from ~800 indexed pages to less than 200 (with another couple hundred indexed under my IP address — joy).

Enter the Google Sitemap announcement a few weeks back; a convenient method to clue Google in on all of my site pages at once. Only one thing… I don’t have time right now to blog, let alone set-up scripts or templates to auto-generate the XML they want.

So I went looking for web apps that would build one for me… and found quite a few. Unfortunately, only one (that I found) allowed more than 500 pages to be indexed, and that one didn’t crawl below the path specified (very odd). So… I decided to drop one developer (Greg Tarrant of TarrantIT.com) a note, and he was kind enough to give me a hidden switch to generate a map with up to 1000 pages.

Greg hasn’t released the 1K page version publicly for performance reasons, but honestly, his Google Sitemap Generator (which took

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